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When Should You Remove Your Snow Tires in Utah?

When to Remove Snow tires in Utah As the winter months come to an end across Utah, many drivers begin wondering when it's time to take off their snow tires and switch back to all-season or summer tires. While there's no single date that applies to everyone in the state, paying close attention to temperatures and weather patterns can help you determine the ideal window for making the swap. Here are some tips on deciding when to remove snow tires in Utah.

Salt Lake County & Utah County For those living in the Salt Lake Valley and Salt Lake County, Utah County, & Utah Valley you'll likely want to hold onto your snow tires until mid-to-late April. Colder temperatures linger longer in these mountainous regions. It's often suggested to keep you snow tires on in Utah until temperature are consistently above 45-50 degrees. Keeping snow tires on provides better traction should you encounter any late snowfall or icy roads.

Check the Extended Forecast Whatever part of Utah you call home, it's wise to check the 10-to-14 day weather forecast before swapping out your winter tires. An approaching cold front with snowstorms could quickly make your all-seasons or summers unsafe for driving. When in doubt, let spring fully arrive before removing your snow tires.

Consider a Utah Tire Storage Service The changeover process between winter and summer tires is a bi-annual chore many Utah drivers would rather avoid. One way to make it easier is to use a tire storage company that will pick/deliver and store your tires directly from your tire shop. By monitoring weather trends and making savvy tire choices, you can stay safe and extend the lifespan of your tires year-round in Utah's dynamic climate.

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